Thursday, June 19, 2014

Too soon to tell...

Well, my kids have been on summer vacation for a week now.  I would like to say that things are going great so far; but that wouldn't show the whole picture if I did. You see Jonathan left for an out of state camp Monday morning, and doesn't return until 12:30-1 am Friday night/Saturday morning (however you want to see it).  Amanda has spent all but a day or two at a friends house, and Evan had day camp this week and so was gone from 12:30-3:30 Monday through Thursday.  So my first week WAS GREAT!! But I don't have all my kids home to drive me crazy yet either. LOL

Home schooling them is going well.  They all respect my summer rules (even Amanda when she was home), and do the one chore of their choice and get right on school work - so that part is working out wonderful as well.  Willow is really taking well to the letter of the day lesson plans too.  We have done A, B and today was S. No one said we had to do them in order :)  We have also made special treats on each of these days. Apple pie for A, Banana Cream pudding and Brownies for B and well today wasn't so special but she helped me make a sandwich for her to eat. We have been careful to listen while we talk and to see if we hear anyone say the letter of the day, as well as practice writing it.  It's been a lot of fun to work with her and see how excited she gets.  I have also found that she can type out her name on the iPad, which for a 3 year old I still think is amazing!

So while we have survived the first week of summer vacation quite well, I also know that I have been spoiled a bit in not having most of my children home the whole time.  I really wonder if I will feel so great this time next week?!

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