Monday, June 16, 2014

The Start of our Summer

Well, it is the first full week of summer vacation.  I have Jonathan off to camp this week with friends from Frontline Community Church at NTS camp - he said he was excited about that endeavor.  Evan is attending a day camp this week at the West Michigan Academy of Environmental Sciences, with his theme being Flinging Newtons (so he is building a catapult and a rocket this week).  He came home with a smile so huge, it was pretty cool :)

I have instituted summer rules for our house as well:
Willow and Amanda seemed to really like the fact that we would still have fun this summer if all the rules were followed.  

So the first rule is one chore must be done by lunch time, and here are the choices they may choose from daily: 

They just have to pick one thing on that list and make sure it gets done in the morning. Then we have an hour of summer school at our house this year.  That is partly because Evan needs structure or he breaks down very easily (hence his half day of day camp this week to ease into lazier days) and partly because Amanda failed at multiplication and division and really needs the help; as does Jonathan with focus (if anyone has any idea how to truly improve that, I am taking suggestions).  So to make it fair its summer school for all (including Willow).  Surprisingly there was not much fight to that rule. I will do this by doing a half hour of book work and half hour of an approved website.  They have a list near the computer of what they can play on, and they may pick one or two and play for 30 minutes.  If this is all done without arguments, that truly would leave us all afternoon to have FUN!! I have explained it to them in that manner as well, in hopes that we will have less break downs, less fighting and whining as well.  We will see... after all it is only the first week of summer vacation.

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