Sunday, February 5, 2017

Emotions and oils

February is a great month to be reminded to care for oneself. According to mass merchandisers, it is a great month to spend a bunch of money on the 'love of your life' and spoil them like crazy. But, there is something I have been learning lately, and working hard at as well - self care.

You can't really care for others if you are not caring for yourself first. Self care looks so different for everyone, but at the bottom of it all I feel, is your emotional well being. What do you know about essential oils and emotional well being? Did you know that emotions are processed throughout the whole body? Your mind, your heart, and your gut ( called "The 3 brains"), all work together or communicate with each other to regulate and influence your emotions. Emotions also impact our cells, and it is in this way that essential oils can help us regulate our emotions and take control of our self care once again. Did you know that 90% of your body's serotonin is produced in your gut?! Serotonin, if you don't know, is associated with your 'feel good' emotions.

This month, I am teaching a few Facebook Live classes about emotions and how essential oils help. Tomorrow I will be starting a 7 day challenge about emotions and essential oils. I would love to have you!! Check out my page on Facebook at Daisypoet's Oils for more information on those online classes.

doTerra is also running a promotion on one of the emotion oils: Passion oil is 10% off this month, and then if you place a 125 pv order by the 15th of this month you will receive the aromatouch oil for FREE!

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to message me on FB, or email at: and I would be happy to help.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Daily maintenance

Well, a lot of people have been asking how can one really incorporate essential oils and our other products into their daily routine. Well, it has to be a decision made that you want to live healthier in order for you to actually make this a routine and not some once in a while type of thing that only happens when someone suggests it; or you remember that oh yeah I have oils here!

So, a typical day for me starts with the toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, moisturizer, chap stick (a must have this time of year) and I am only dressed at this point! LOL
So, then comes the coffee and let me share that I have recently found that adding a drop of peppermint oil to my coffee is so much better than creamer! My kids all have their own rollerballs as well and they each have their own favorite oils or blend to put on their feet, neck, wrists or spine before school starts. I have my diffuser on my desk in our dining room; and I generally will turn it on after my school runs are done and I come home to work. Lunch time has me taking my daily vitamins and probiotic for maintaining gut health; which is important for overall health. I make sure to have the diffuser running just before the kids get home in order for them to focus on homework. Each night we end our night with our calming blend before going to bed.

That is a day that doesn't even take into consideration cleaning or when we feel under the weather or extra stress or any other somethings. This is just a typical daily maintenance. We will get the extra's another day.

Here are some links and pictures of products we use in our home regularly.  Again, here is the link to my site, and here is my Facebook Page
I hope you have a wonderful week!

DaisyPoet's Oils

Monday, January 2, 2017

New year - New you... same words, different story

Ah yes, the wonderful new year has arrived! With it, comes all the resolutions, the hopes, the dreams, the goal setting and all the ambition to change who we are or how we look, or whatever it is we may not be happy with.

I am not knocking any of the above in any way really; I just think if we want to make changes in our life no matter how big or small, we can do that at ANY time of the year. We do not need to wait until the calendar tell's us it's a new year and now is the best time to do these things. After all, statiscally speaking not many of us will actually keep these new year resolutions we set for ourselves. I was wondering why that is was, and came up with a few ideas of my own.
First, we set goals that are unattainable - now here is what I think of that. Last year I would have said it's possible. But I have grown a lot since Jan. 1, 2016 to Jan 1, 2017 and I am very happy for that. Let me say that a goal may seem unattainable, or huge to reach; but it doesn't mean it can't be reached. Baby steps are called that for a good reason, and sometimes baby steps don't feel like much at the time. After all, while we all celebrate baby's first steps we don't celebrate their 100th, or 1000th even though that brings them so much closer to running around like that little toddler does. We also don't tell them when they fall down that walking is not meant for them, and they should give up. Yet we tell ourselves that all the time. We fall down and we feel our goal was too big. Hogwash!
Second, we work on our goals well for about a week solid, maybe even two. And then we have one bad day and we feel like we can't start again. Why bother? We will just return to this cycle again afterall? Again, last year I would have agreed and said yeah sounds about right. This year, after a lot of reading, self searching, and growing, I am once again calling Hogwash! So what? You fell off the wagon, you had one bad day? Does that mean you can't get back on that bike and learn to ride it? Will you never know the joy of riding a two wheel bike because you had one crash? You won't reach your goal or resolution because of one bad day? Well, that is your choice; but it is also your choice to rise above the negativity and grow beyond that. See that you can get back up and grow and reach your dreams. Baby steps my dear, baby steps.

So, this year, I have large goals myself. I am so excited to announce that I stay home with my family and am able to run a business while my kiddos are at school. This allows me more time to be present with them while they are home in the evenings, available to go to after school programs without leaving my job early. My goals for the year seem pretty incredible and I know that with baby steps and determination, I will reach my goals. The best thing about what I do is that I love it! That makes it even more exciting and rewarding. I get to teach people how to incorporate doTerra essential oils into their home life. I get to show them resources that help them to learn about the healing power these oils have. They are not new to the scene either, think back to the past and really do your research. How long has the pharmaceutical companies been in business? What do you think was used prior to these big business companies coming to the scene?
I know it can seem daunting, scary, or expensive to add essential oils to your life. Or where does one even beging, but I am looking forward to a year where I get to teach you all how to add them into your day seemlessly, and share incredible specials with you when I can. Follow my FB account here for any upcoming specials and online classes, and check out my website here if you are already knowledgeable about oils or want to contact me. :)

I look forward to meeting those of you I have not yet who want to know more about oils, and those of you I do know, now know that I would love to help you reach a healthier, chemical free, more natural you if you would like; and you know where to reach me ;)

Here are a few ways I incorporated oils into our month of December:
diffuser bracelet

peppermint cake

Chocolate's with different oils

Happy New Year!! 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Time for a change

So every so often, I get this bug in my butt that says it is time for a change. It seems to be tied to a change in the seasons, or a change in my outlook in our life, or some other rather large thing that happened in our life. Friends, a change is on the horizon!

I have changed the look of my personal blog here, and am going to start incorporating more of my business into it as well. I will share what oils I am in love with at the time, and using daily, recipes I find helpful to lessen the chemical load in your household and mine. I am going to send you links to other friends blogs that I think will be helpful for one thing or another and I will still be quite honest about my life, my rounds of depression, and being a mom to five kiddos. My daughter's blog, Willow's Wishes, will still focus on her story only though.

A lot of these changes have been brewing in my mind all month, and I am quite excited about what the new year will bring. I have been using essential oils in my home for almost three years now, and really running a business of it for almost a year. I am growing personally and professionally each day, and am really excited about some incredible things on the horizon that I just don't want to share yet.

A new year always brings with it a chance to dream again, and set new goals, and re evaluate where you are at currently with where you wanted to be instead. Most people do this only at the the change of the year; I would like to make sure I am staying on top of my dreams and goals on a more regular basis, and so am setting up a lot of things differently than I have before in my life. I have heard often lately that if you want to see a change in your life and end up in a different place, you have to start doing different things than what you are currently doing.  It makes a lot of sense, but oddly enough takes a lot to get through my thick skull. :)

So, as the changes unfold, and the new year approaches and progresses, I hope you will stick with me and see what great things are to come.

Happy New Year!