Thursday, December 10, 2015

Proud mama

Some days as a mom are better than others. I think we can all agree on that. Today was a day filled with ups and downs, but not necessarily of the kid variety; no, it was more life variety.

Jonathan has a heart for the homeless, something he doesn't share openly much, or with others at all. In fact this is really a new idea/love/passion for him within the last month or so.  He has set goals once again in his life for his future and has a potential career in mind. With this lofty career goal, is how he began to share with me his passion for helping the homeless. He would love to house the homeless, provide clothing, food, job training, makeovers, etc. He wants to help them get their life back.  So we have had many talks about what this may look like, what others are doing, etc.

Well, today in my life; I was bagging up the Christmas goodies I had been making over the last few days to give to friends and neighbors as I do every year.  I had a good bit going already when I hear this little voice ask me why the neighbors and not the homeless? They do not get to enjoy the goodies like this that we all do this time of year.  They may be able to find a place to receive a hot meal for Christmas if the city is doing something; but home baked goods.... can't think of anyone passing those out. So I bagged up all I could before having to leave to get him. Almost stopped at a friends house to give a bag to her, when I heard no, talk to Jonathan first.

I pick him up, he see's the bag and says "oh, friend delivery?" That was when I told him that I had this strange thought, and wanted to know what he thought of it.  Well, he loved it!! So we deliver two bags right away, only then our car begins to sputter bad on the road. I have no choice but to take it in somewhere. So we drop it off - walk to Wendy's for lunch, only to find no cash.  I ask them to cancel our order as I can't pay for it and the manager walks up and says, it is on us, don't worry about it. I about cried!! I get to the table and tell Jonathan about that, and we both sit in shock for a moment. I look at him and said we blessed two homeless with Christmas goodies, and he says to me, "God provided our lunch for us. We have to find a way to finish giving these bags out!"  Well, the repair shop had a loaner car, and we did indeed finish passing out the holiday goodie bags. 9 of them went out today, and he kept thanking me each time he was able to give one out.

The thing is, some days we struggle with attitude, back talk, tantrums and want to know what we did to deserve this, why are we such bad moms. Then there are days like today; where I still sit hours later crying over his heart of gold for the homeless.  He has inspired some friends of mine to do the same. Tomorrow is date night, and well, we will be spending it handing out roughly 30 (or more) bags of Christmas goodies to the homeless downtown.  :)   Thank you Jonathan for having such a huge heart for the homeless among us.

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