Thursday, July 30, 2015

PHF Walk MI 2015

Well, the walk that many have been hearing about for what seems like forever - is almost upon us!  :)

I truly can't believe I finally decided to take this jump and host a walk for the MI PHF and yet there is a part of me that is thinking why did I wait so long to host one? There were many things that were holding me back, and a lot of it really boiled down to the fact that I didn't think I was making a difference and that in the end the walk would cost the MI PHF money instead of raise money.  While the walk hasn't happened yet, so I really don't know numbers of what we will raise. I can say that I have been blessed to meet so many people who share our story, either Willow's journey or a story of their own that has enabled us to host a walk with very little expense!  I never thought something like that would be possible. We have a band who is playing for FREE, we have been gifted with the use of carnival games for FREE, we have found people willing to do face painting for FREE, we have been given generous gifts for our silent auction for FREE, we are also getting donations of baked goods for the bake sale for FREE. Do you see a theme here?!  It is so overwhelming to have received these gifts from people who want to help us raise funds and awareness of a condition that truly affects so many Americans, and people all over the world.  Let us not forget about the incredible sponsors we have who have helped us to cover the cost of park fee as well - Medtronic, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, Hansen-Balk Steel Treating, Palmer Elementary, Gained Access, and the Grand Rapids Griffins

This morning, I woke up to find yet another person has signed up to walk with us. We are now up to 63 people who have registered and our walk is still 2 1/2 weeks away! I was told when I decided to start this walk process that the goal is generally 100 people. I never thought that was going to be possible. To be honest that was another reason I held off so long on hosting a walk, I needed to build a following I felt in order to host a walk. Who would come walk and raise funds for something they know nothing about?! Well, I decided to bite the bullet so to speak and just go for it! I have a great director on the east side of the state who can help advertise and get the word out as well, so that this can truly be a state event, and not just a west Michigan event and by golly it's working!! 63 people is over half way to the 100 ~ 37 more people to sign up and we have the goal of 100. I almost feel like I am walking in a dream the way all of this is coming together.

Today I am feeling so overwhelmed with all that is happening for this walk. Friends are sharing the information to get the word, they are volunteering to help get this walk going, they are donating, they are signing up to walk. Then there are the people whom I don't even know who are doing the very same thing, sharing the information, volunteering, donating, signing up to walk!  For this being the 1st annual walk I am so excited to see where this is all going and it truly makes me even more excited for doing this again NEXT YEAR!

I can't say thank you enough to all who are helping this year, but I hope they know how much it means :)

For those who have not signed up to walk yet, or would like to make a donation to our event, or would like to pass the information along follow this link here

If you would like to give a donation for the silent auction, or the bake sale, or volunteer, or hey we are looking for vendors still too if you make things - please contact me via email

Thank you all so very much for making this a great first walk :)



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