Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Keeping oneself busy

So, I have not been very active on the blogging aspect of my life; or on Willow's blog for that matter.  But it doesn't mean I have necessarily fallen by the wayside. Instead I have been in over my head (this time in a good way, if that is even possible) in planning the first ever PHF Walk MI 2015.  A FREE, fun family day at Riverside Park in August leading up to the trip to DC and then National Hydrocephalus Awareness month.  I have my reasoning for the picked date, but I think next year I may wait until September.  My fear with that though is we all get 'too busy' with kids in school, fall colds since the kids are back in school, winterizing our lives, cleaning up the summer.  At least in August we still have the feeling of there being a bit of carefree left in us, and we aren't tied down to schedule yet. Or maybe that is just my own thinking - being a mom to 5 kids who need to go here, there and everywhere once school starts! LOL
Anyway, what do you think? Input on next years walk date will be considered :)

So, I am truly excited, inspired, in awe, and still pounding the pavement for this walk.  If you know someone who has a generator we are in need. If you know of a business owner who would like to buy some ad space in our program - we have the space.  If you would like to volunteer and help out that day - there are places for you :)   Silent auction items are still needed, vendors are still being accepted. There are many small things taking place now that we can still allow to happen leading up to the walk, that if you want to help just let me know :)

So yeah, live has been going. Walk planning, fundraising set for September for the PHF as well. School starts so the PTCC will be in full swing at Palmer as well (plans for something every month!!), and I also co-lead the Hygiene Pantry at Frontline Church :)  Yet the funny thing is, while all of these things are going on and may seem like a lot - it is still only a quarter of what I used to do 2-3 years ago.  It is absolutely crazy how my life has changed since Willow came along and how much I have learned and changed with her. Then came along Orion. He definitely put me into a huge tailspin, one that some days I wonder if I will ever recover from - then there are days like today; where sometimes you have to just pull out the slip-n-slide, throw down some dish soap, add water and joyful screams! Days like today may be far and few between, but we had a blast and that is the best part. :)

Here is some info on the walk if you are interested in joining us:

Facebook Event info here

Register for event/make a donation here

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