Monday, May 5, 2014

Our start to May

Well April Showers bring in May flowers, but April and May tend to be very busy months at the West household as well. So far in the month of May we have had Jonathan's birthday; which seems to be a celebration lasting over an undetermined amount of days at this point.  So, we had a birthday breakfast on Thursday, a choice of fast food out that night as we didn't have time to have a home made birthday dinner so its his day he picked (Sonic in case you're wondering).  Friday I made his cake and pancakes for dinner, we still aren't sure if he really had a birthday dinner or if I just tried to slide in a trick here. LOL   But, we then went to Detroit for the PHF benefit concert (you can read about that on Willow's Wishes), and then to my brothers on Sunday where they surprised Jonathan with a spider man cake for his birthday and gifts for the boys.
It was so great to see them again and just hang out.

So, since there isn't too much going on without going into crazy detail and possibly crying, let me share some pictures of our weekend celebrations with you instead:
Friday morning Jump with Jill assembly with Evan at Palmer Elementary

Not sure the cake really was on fire, or if the picture is just blurred... 
Before candles

At Uncle Mike and Aunt Nichole's celebrating

Evan got in on the fun too :) 

Happy Birthday Jonathan... 14 already?! 
All the kids together.... well, minus Orion he is too small for the table still ;)

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