Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

My mother's day this year was definitely better than they were in years past... Not because I got a lot of material items, but because for the first time in a long time it actually felt like I was being appreciated (or in the very least appeased LOL).  Saturday we went to Countryside Greenhouse and I got a lot of flowers to plant in our outdoor garden (some potted, some planted in the ground); and I then spent the rest of the day plating outside.  Something I have not done in the last 2  years due to surgeries and hospitalizations and just sheer depression.  Willow helped, Evan helped, Orion hung outside for a while and I got sunburned.  First one of many to come this year.  You see, it may seem silly to be so happy that I got to work in the garden and dig in the dirt and plant flowers; but you see that is one thing that I LOVE to do.  It allows me to reconnect, relax, remember to slow down and love this life.  So Saturday we had a BBQ dinner as well, so it was indeed an awesome start!

Sunday we went to church as usual, lunch outside (for those of us who wanted to), and a trip to a couple of parks, an ice cream treat, an awesome dinner made by Jon, walks around the neighborhood.... It was truly an amazing Mother's day.  I have no pictures of the day (sorry for those of you who love the pictures); instead we were out enjoying the time together.

I hope every other mother I know out there also had an amazing day as well.

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