Friday, April 11, 2014

A new start

Well, my plan is to separate myself from the Willow's Wishes blog and allow myself some more creative freedoms in my personal writing.  Many of you may not know this about me, but I used to write poetry.... Shocking I know! I am not saying that this blog will be full of poems, but maybe as I progress in my writing I might be more willing to share my personal poetry.  

I am actually hoping that within the framework of this blog you will see me grow as a person.  I have had a lot of change take place in my life in the last 6 or so months and processing all the information has not been the easiest to handle.  Instead of a busy mom who works out of the house, I am now a less busy mom who gets to stay at home.  I have let go of many of the tasks that I once held for various reasons, but the biggest being my kids.  Having Willow and having gone through a rough first year with her really made me re evaluate my priorities in life.  I would one day still like to actually earn my BA for elementary education, but right now I am busy raising little ones. College will be there, my little ones will not always be little.  

I am looking forward to becoming more involved in our church actually.  I have just finished two book studies that I am quite excited about as well through groups within our church that have really had me rethink how I looked at some things in our life.  While parts of it Jon has also looked at me as if I were crazy!! I think that's okay too. 

So I hope this separation of blogs and more personal style of writing and thoughts will be just as entertaining for you to read and follow as Willows Wishes is important to you.  

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