Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thank you

So I took the girls to the Fulton Street Artisans Market on Sunday afternoon (see them here), it was our second time there and because of the crazy morning weather not so busy this day. It was fantastic, the girls really love to look at all the great hand made things, have a snack, talk with the vendors (who are usually surprised at how much my girls know about the nerdy stuff such as Dr. Who, Pokemon, etc). Anyway, this particular Sunday I asked a vendor if she could create something she already had showing but in a different color.  She had made an awareness ribbon in pink and I asked for it to be made in blue.  She said no problem, give me five minutes.  Well, we went walking around while she did that, and when I returned she asked me what it was for and I explained the PHF to her and Willow's journey with it (Willow's Wishes).  She then told me that what she does is make donations to the organizations when a ribbon is sold. I was shocked!  All I wanted was a blue ribbon to put with my keys and share awareness. Well share awareness I did that day, but how great is it that a local artisan, who could keep the money to herself to support what she does, instead gives back?!  Three days later this story, this moment still holds in my heart.  So here is a great shout out to an incredible artisan (whom I am sure will be seeing us again soon as now the boys want stuff too!)

Sarah Hale thank you for being you   (check out her Facebook page here)

Here is what I bought from her:

Also, another state chapter director had done a tshirt sale to raise money and awareness, well here I am sporting mine:
Someone I love lives with hydrocephalus 

I love you Willow Anne :) 

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